Like all affiliates, we seek to build
homes as well as lives.  This helps
families through home ownership to
break the cycle of poverty and
improve communities.  Habitat's
ministry is based on the belief that to
follow Christ's example we must
show caring and love by our actions,
not just our words.  Diverse groups
of people work together with a
common goal, setting aside
differences in the act of caring.
  • Be a Volunteer
  • Work on a Committee
  • Help Prepare Meals
  • Provide Financial Support
Joins families and communities in need together with
volunteers and resources to build decent affordable
housing.  Habitat is a people-to-people partnership
committed to the development and uplifting of families
and communities, not just the construction of houses.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization.  
Homeowners make affordable no interest mortgage
payments over a fixed period, typically twenty years.

All partner families contribute "sweat equity" as they
work as partners with the affiliate and other volunteers
to accomplish Habitat's mission both locally and
Working on the Harden home
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Brown County Habitat for Humanity
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2014 Partner Family
Crystal and Abe
McGrayel with their
children Elias and
Much care is taken by the Family and Nurturing Committee of Brown County
Habitat for Humanity in deciding upon a partner family for their annual build.
This year the 18th house will become home to a family whose initials spell

Crystal, Abe, Rosalyn and Elias McGrayel are visibly excited to break ground
at Treetop Lane and North 135. Plans are being finalized regarding a
contractor, and then Abe and Crystal will roll up their sleeves and help by
contributing 500 hours of sweat equity.

The McGrayels are no strangers to construction and hard work. Actually, they
met ten years ago on a job site on Old 46. Crystal was working for a computer
business and her boss was building a house next door. Abe was working on
the job, and Crystal would go over to help out occasionally.  Following that job,
she and Abe worked together on other jobs with Abe's dad, local builder Jim
McGrayel, who taught Abe the carpentry trade at the age of ten.  Abe's mom,
Christine Ritzmann, is with the Brown County Planning and Zoning office. Abe
is a 2000 graduate of Brown County High School. He is employed by J.R.
Richardson Seamless Gutters in Unionville. Crystal grew up in the county as
well. Her parents, Doug and Sandy Barnett, live in Brown County while working
in Martinsville and Indianapolis, thus resulting in Crystal's schooling at a
Christian high school in Martinsville.  In addition to caring for Rosalyn, six, and
Elias, three, she keeps busy with her own Facebook business, Cloth Creations
and More, where she sells cloth diapers, blankets, purses, bags and stuff for
kids. She fixes computers, and also cleans for a local church for Elias to attend
preschool at The Village Green. Rosalyn is in kindergarten at Sprunica
Elementary School. Crystal's grandfather was in construction in Indianapolis,
working on several projects including bridge-building.

The entire McGrayel family is looking forward to having their own house. It will
be fun to see if it is completed in time for their new baby girl, due August 9, to
be carried over the threshold at the dedication ceremony!  We welcome the
five of them to the Habitat family, where volunteers work with partner families to
build houses, lives and communities.

-submitted by Jinny Thompson

An official introduction of the family took place at the Brown County Community
Band concert Saturday, May 3rd. The concert was held at the BC High School
auditorium. The McGrayel's will also participate in our annual SummerFest on
June 21st. They will be a part of the Hike on September 20th.

Brown County Habitat for Humanity welcomes the McGrayel Family as our next
Partner Family and wish them all the best as our construction begins this

For additional information or to volunteer, contact Habitat at 812-988-4926.
Brown County Habitat for Humanity is fortunate to have
Wanda Jones as a part of its family. That is why she was
named the ninth annual “Volunteer of the Year” for 2014 by
its members and Board of Directors. This annual honor is an
effort to acknowledge one of the many who have helped build
good, affordable homes that give partner families a new lease
on life and hope for the future. It is also a hope to encourage
others in the community to participate in the building of
Habitat homes.

Wanda was originally from southern Illinois, received her
undergraduate degree from Washington University in St.
Louis, and a law degree from Valparaiso. After living for years
in Chesterton, Indiana, she and her husband, Jay Charon,
purchased a weekend vacation home in Brown County in the spring of 1996. He is a
semi-retired lawyer doing pro bono work, while she maintains a law office in Hammond,
IN, as well as Nashville.

In 2004, they moved into their home here permanently, and Brown County has been
the recipient of her generosity ever since. In addition to serving as legal counsel for
Habitat for Humanity regarding land purchases, mortgage details and all other issues
requiring the legal profession, she also serves on the board of the Rotary Club and is
Brown County representative for Turning Point Domestic Violence in Columbus.

Wanda and Jay enjoy living here with their two hound dogs because of the sense of
community and the "look after your neighbor" attitude of the people of Brown County. It
is precisely this reason that Wanda feels it is important to give back to others whenever
she can.

Habitat for Humanity and a grateful Brown County community say a big “THANK YOU” to
Wanda Jones for service to the people of the county and salute her as Brown County
Habitat’s 2014 “Volunteer of the Year.”
2014 Volunteer of the Year
Wanda Jones
2014 Distinguished Service Award
Verne Sindlinger
The Board of Directors of Brown County
Habitat formally recognizes and honors
Verne Sindlinger for his many years of
service to this community. Moving to Brown
County over 20 years ago and retiring as
Executive of Synod of Lincoln Trails of the
Presbyterian Church, he has always had the
habit of being there when you need him.  He
is a valued leader of St. David’s Episcopal
Church and a past member of the Brown
County Lions Club. He serves as co-
manager for Brown County Community Band.
Verne’s greatest contribution, however, has been to Brown County
Habitat for Humanity. Verne was a consistent member of the
Publicity and Fund Raising Committee, serving as Chairman, grant
writer, and solicitor of funds from many different angles. He was on
the Board of Directors, then served as President.

Even though not on every committee, he seemed to be drafted into
assisting with details that needed attention. He was involved in the
building of Habitat houses as a carpenter, pourer of concrete,
negotiator, communicator and all-around good guy. One more thing:
Verne was always good to be called on to stand up and speak in
front of a crowd at a moment’s notice.

Brown County is a better place because Verne has generously
shared his talent and leadership in so many ways.  We salute you
for your DISTINGUISHED SERVICE to the Brown County Community.
For additional information or to volunteer for
this year's 2014 build e-mail:
or call
Linda Ault-Potter, Volunteer Coordinator,
812-988-6364 or
Verne Sindlinger  812-340-0512
Brown County Habitat for Humanity
PO Box 260
Nashville, IN 47448-4926
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