Brown County Habitat is actively looking for "partner
families" who can show the need, can afford a mortgage,
and provide the "sweat equity" required to qualify as a
candidate for a future house.  You must have an income,
you must be able to work and you must believe in the
principles of Habitat for Humanity.  If you or someone you
know may qualify, contact us.
PO Box 260
Nashville, IN 47448-4926
Phone: 812-988-4926

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing
organization that partners with families of all faiths to build simple, decent,
and affordable houses.  Habitat sells the homes with a 0% interest loan and
at no profit, which keeps the cost of the home low.
In order to qualify for a Habitat home, applicants must meet three criteria
through an application and interview process.  The three criteria are:
  • Need for Housing
  • Ability to Pay
  • Willingness to Participate as a Partner with Habitat

You will be considered for a Habitat home if your present housing is not
adequate, and if you are unable to obtain a home mortgage through
conventional means.  Lack of adequate housing may include overcrowding,
or problems with the current structure: water, electrical, septic, etc.  The
percentage of your monthly income that you currently spend on housing is
considered to determine need.  You will be required to openly and fully
discuss your financial situation with a Habitat interviewer. You must currently
live in Brown County and your and your family will be considered if your total
family income falls within the approved range.  For example:  In 2009, the
range for a family of four is $22,000-$39,000.

Since you will actually be buying your house from Habitat, you must
demonstrate your ability to pay the monthly mortgage payment.  The
monthly payment will include not only the mortgage payment, but the
payment for real estate taxes and insurance as well.  Therefore, a family will
need to meet minimum requirements.  (See the example: family of four
above.)Habitat does not want to jeopardize your ability to meet all your other
family financial obligations, and once your qualify, we will work with your to
establish an affordable payment plan and a workable family budget.

Once selected, you will become a "partner family" in Habitat.  As such, you
will be expected to make a commitment to help advance the Habitat mission.  
Habitat is a Christian organization, open to all faiths.  We believe we are
called to show Christ's love through our actions, building homes as well as

A partner family makes a commitment to provide at least 250 hours of
"sweat equity" in helping to build their own house as well as assisting with
other Habitat projects.

A partner family will be responsible for maintenance and repairs of the
Habitat House from the time they move in.

A partner family will need to complete at least 8 hours of homeowner training
classes (provided by Habitat) which includes financial counseling and
household maintenance education.
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2013 Partner Family
Brandon and Sarah Payne with their
children Kara and Cameron
Brown County Habitat for Humanity is pleased to
announce their new partner family for 2013. Sarah and
Brandon Payne and their two children, thirteen year old
Kara, and 9 year old Cameron, will be the recipients of
the 17th Brown County Habitat build. Both Sarah and
Brandon are 1998 Brown County High School
graduates and are celebrating their 15th anniversary of
their first date on today’s Democrat publication date
April 24th. The two also have the distinction of 15 years
working for the same Brown County establishments;
Sarah at The Artist Colony and Brandon at the Brown
County Inn.

As with any household with kids, Kara and Cameron
consume a fair amount of family time. Kara is a
cheerleader and then in summer is involved with fast
pitch softball. Cameron rotates from football to
basketball to baseball. But the family does find time to
utilize our local state park, and enjoy what nature has to

The Payne’s are eager to realize the long awaited
dream of home ownership. And they are fortunate to
have the support of family and friends ready and willing
to contribute time, labor and expertise in the building of
the home. For Cameron, his most important question
was about normal walls. It seems he likes Fatheads,
graphics that you can apply to a wall, a smooth wall. He
was assured the walls will be normal.

An official introduction of the family took place at the
Brown County Community Band concert Satuday, May
4th. The concert was held at the BC High School

The Payne’s will also participate in our annual
SummerFest on June 22nd, plus the Hike on
September 21st.

Brown County Habitat for Humanity welcomes the
Payne Family as our next Partner Family and wish them
all the best as our construction begins this summer..

For additional information or to volunteer, contact

or call
Linda Ault-Potter, Volunteer Coordinator,
812-988-6364 or Mike Jeffries  812-988-0865