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A Habitat for Humanity
Housing Repair Program
Since September 2010, Habitat for Humanity has been accepting applications for a housing repair program called "A Brush
with Kindness"
(ABWK). This is a nation wide program serving low-income families who struggle to maintain the exterior of
their homes. The program is aimed at providing exterior painting, minor exterior repairs, landscaping, and exterior cleanup to
low-income homeowners in need. The work is done by volunteers who use donated materials whenever possible.
    Habitat for Humanity completed two major builds in 2015:  Habitat supported Helping Hands in completing the new Mother’
s Cupboard building and also completed a home for the Nash family just before Christmas.  These efforts diminished our
financial reserves for 2016.  Because of this, we will focus on fund raising for the next house build along with expanding our
mission beyond full house builds.  In 2016 Habitat for Humanity will focus on “Brush with Kindness” in an attempt to help more
families in the Brown County area who are in need of light repairs to their home, some help with accessibility issues, and if
needed, assistance with more serious repair required to maintain a safe and livable home environment.
    “Brush with Kindness” is not the typical Habitat single family home building project, but focuses on people already living in their own home as #1 priority.  
It helps preserve local homeownership by partnering with homeowners struggling to restore and maintain a safe and viable place to live. When basic
expenses exceed income month after month or a large unexpected expense occurs, home maintenance is the usual casualty. Years of delayed
maintenance can cause a downward spiral of a home leading to deterioration and potentially unsafe living conditions.

“Brush with Kindness” will try to address some of the following situations:
  • Homes where challenging circumstances have created issues that are beyond what the homeowner can handle on their own.
  • Homes where people may be living in an unsafe or unlivable condition.
  • Homes where the homeowner may have to choose between paying for food, medication, taxes, and basic utilities?

    There is a need in the Brown County area and if you feel that one of these questions describes your current living situation, contact us for more
information about the Brown County Habitat for Humanity “Brush With Kindness” Program. We may be able to help!  The phone number for Habitat for
Humanity is 812-988-4926.

    We cannot address all the needs within the Brown County area in a single year so our Brush with Kindness team will review the needs and the urgency of
the need and the magnitude of the project to assure that we can address the highest priority issues first.   Also, we cannot address the needs of rental
properties.  While the need may be there, it is the responsibility of the rental owner to maintain his properties, not Brush with Kindness.
Several projects have already been completed in 2016 including providing a ramp for a woman who had no means of getting out of her home to see her
doctor,  and also providing hot water availability for several families in need.

    “Brush With Kindness” brings resources, volunteers and homeowners together to replace damaged windows and doors, repair plumbing and electrical
problems, provide necessary ramps, or complete other critical maintenance and safety related tasks.

    As with all Habitat builds, if homeowners are able, they work side by side with Brush with Kindness volunteers to complete repairs to their home, and if
they are able, homeowners repay the cost of materials.

    Our home repair program brings volunteers from service groups, businesses, churches and community agencies to help low income homeowners who
are challenged by age, disability or circumstance.  If you would like to be part of this effort, please contact Habitat for Humanity at 812-988-4926.